Thursday, 7 October 2010



I know I said I was gonna keep this blog updated. Well now I am. I decided I should review the first episode of NuWho. Rose.

As with last time I will rate it on 5 things. The plot, The acting, The monster(s), The companion envolvement and Overall enjoyment. So lets begin.

The Plot:

Basically A Shopgirl has to hand the lottery money in after work and gets attacked by shop window dummies (Autons). Just as she is about to be killed a man called 'the doctor' saves her, Gets her out of the building and blows it up with a bomb. Whilst being saved she is given an plastic arm to throw away. She goes home where her boyfriend, Mickey and mother, Jackie are freaking out as they have seen the shop being blown up on the news. She asks Mickey to throw the arm away which he does. The next day she wakes up and sees something trying to get in to the cat flap. She opens the door to discover the man she met at the shop last night. Who she then invites in. Jackie tries unsuccessfully to flirt with the doctor much to his horror. Rose then offers to make some tea. In the mean time the doctor wanders around the living room and gets attacked by the plastic arm given to Rose last night. He eventually defends himself against it then it turns to Rose much to the Doctors fear.  After they finally defeat it The Doctor leaves and Rose runs after him. After she asks some difficult questions and he answers them he goes disappears into nowhere which bewilders her alot. The next day she searches the doctor on the net and after a few different searches she finds what she was looking for, A page dedicated to finding the doctor. She then meets the creator of the site that warns her the doctor is dangerous, Meanwhile whilst Mickey is waiting outside he is attacked by a wheelie bin. That evening they go for a meal in a restraunt where Mickey who has been turned into a nestene duplicate interogattes rose about the things that happened the past few days. The Doctor saves her from being killed by being hidden in her TARDIS. He then locates the source of the transmitter and travels into the TARDIS to there. Where he and Rose discover that the transmittion is being sent from under the London Eye. They get into where the transmitter is being hidden and confront the Nestene Conciess, Who then activates all the plastic he has taken over leading to many people being killed and Roses mother being threatened by 3 plastic brides. Thankfully the Doctor defeats the Conciossness just in time with antiplastic due to Rose saving him and then escapes with Rose. He then asks Rose to travel with him in Space which she originally declines until he mentions he can travel in time.

Plot Rating: 9/10

Its good and envolves some very intresting settings, it is fast paced and all makes sense aswell.

The acting:

Well first off lets focus on Christopher Eccleston the new doctor. He certainly is very good at changing his moods very quickly and Dynamically meaning he can be cheerful one second and dark the next. He also bounces off Billie Piper leading to making you feel as if there is a real bond between the characters. Next we look at the new companion. Yes Billie Piper the acting newbie who shocked many by landing the role and shocked many by being so good. She was very good and fitted into the role perfectly, As I said for Chris she bounced off him brilliantly and also she was very into the role never looking fed up once and very eager to do the role. Next we have the family. Camille Coudri, Bless her is brilliant as ever and also cracks some amazing jokes and seems to act natural when saying them. We then have Noel Clarke who sadly doesn't seem to interact that well with his Co-Stars which is a shame. He also seems bland and very uncomfortable in the role. Sadly the extras aren't really worth a special mention in this episode as it focuses around Rose and the Doctor.

Acting Rating: 9/10

Only let down by Noel.

The Monster:

The Monster in Rose is the Autons. For plastic shop dummies they are very intresting, exciting and also intimidating. They are also brilliantly made and look awesome. They are even more amazing as they are a big part of normal life meaning that they can be associated with your usual day to day routine.

Monster Rating: 10/10

Lovely. Nuff said.

The companion Envolvment:

Rose is heavily envolved in this episode which is useful as this episode is based around her. This is so we can associate and feel what she feels which is done brilliantly by the way she is envolved. She also in one way outshines the doctor in this episode which means that she is certainly getting a high score.

Companion Envolvement Rating: 10/10

One of the best companion envolvements I've watched.

Overall enjoyment:

The return of doctor who was done brilliantly in this fast paced, Well acted, action packed and brilliantly executed episode.

Overall Enjoyment rating: 9/10

Overall rating: 47/50

Monday, 20 September 2010

The christmas Invasion

This was David Tennants Debut adventure on Christmas day 2005. I will now rate it on five things. The plot, The acting, The monster, The companion involvement and overall enjoyment.

The Plot:

Basically the doctor has just regenerated and crash lands on Earth seriously ill due to the regeneration. He is asleep for the first half of the story and when Rose goes shopping she and Mickey are attacked by a group of robot santas. When she goes home she is attacked by a killer christmas tree which is thankfully destroyed by the doctor who has appeared to suddenly got his health back but after defeating it he collapses and is worse than before. A space probe is stolen by a group of aliens and Rose and Mickey are scared, The next day the aliens arrive and take over the population. Rose, Mickey and Jackie hide the doctor in the TARDIS but when Jackie goes out of the ship it is teleported. Rose stands off against the leader and then the doctor wakes up. Has a fight and teleports everyone back to earth. This is when the PM sends an order to Torchwood to destroy the Sycorax ship. They eat dinner and then Rose and the Doctor travel again.

Overall its not got the best plot in the world but most post-regenration stories don't. 6/10

The acting:

In this David Tennant is mainly asleep but when he finally wakes up his acting is on top form. He has all the gimickiness he has throughout his reign and is an enjoyment to watch. Next we have Billie Piper. She seems to be very unnerved by the new actor and there isn't much chemistry until the final scene of the episode. She also seems bored and is not on her best form. Camille Cordrui (Jackie Tyler) Is as brilliant as ever in this. With her one liners and worried mother acting about her its obvious she loves the job and warms to Billie brilliantly as ever. Next we have Noel Clarke who plays Mickey. In this his acting is awefully average and isn't on top form. We then have the guest cast the only one who is half decent is Penelope Wilton who plays Harriet Jones. She shows the dark side of Harriet very well and is also much better than in her debut adventure with Christopher Eccleston. Certainly more enjoyable in this and good to watch.

Acting very average in this story. 5/10

The Monsters:

There are two monsters in this story. The Sycorax and The pilot fish. The latter are the first to appear. They aren't very well made. They also arent a very big threat doing more damage to eachother rather than The Doctor and Co. The highlight of the Pilot fish are there Christmas tree which wrecks Jackie Tylers flat and allows for some funny one-liners. Thankfully they were better in The Runaway bride. We then have the big monsters. The Sycorax. Unlike the pilot fish these are very well made, very scary and also pose a threat. Sadly the doctor defeats them easily which knocks off half a mark but these are very very good monsters.

One brilliant monster, one terrible monster. 5/10

Companion envolvement:

Rose and Mickey are very important to this story and it certainly wouldn't be the same without them. Used just enough to make them good but not to much to make them annoying Russell got the measurements bang on in this story which makes the companions very very envolved. Losing a couple of points for doing nothing once the doctor woke up they lose a few points for that.

Very well used. Enjoyable to watch. 8/10

Overall enjoyment:

With some excellent one liners. Some beautiful monsters and in some cases good acting this was a very enjoyable story to watch. Its also recommended by me and I think its a good way to start David Tennants era.

A pretty little Gem: 7/10

Overall score: 31/50